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Image Remit® Hosted Services

Let CMS do the work for you by outsourcing using our Hosted Services option.

Image Remit® lockbox outsourcing services are suitable for banks and third-party service providers seeking to offer a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, private-label, lockbox product, without the large capital expenditures, staffing issues and management resources required to do so.

Image Remit® can provide strategic mail collection points virtually anywhere in the U.S. that are not in your current “footprint.” This is accomplished through our newly formed partnerships with companies well established in cash collection applications.

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Installed Solutions

CMS flagship lockbox applications have been helping some of the largest lockbox operations service customers for more than 20 years. With over 45 installed sites, CMS software helps our customer process anywhere from 1,000 items to over four million payments a month. All because the unique scalability of our solutions.

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Local Footprint Lockbox

Delivered in conjunction with Image Remit™ Hosted Services, Local Footprint Lockbox is a cross between installed lockbox and hosted services. Local Footprint provides for localized (distributed) collection points for image capture with a centralized processing configuration. Local Footprint Lockbox provides the ability to leverage the IT infrastructure, the lockbox processing operations group at Image Remit™ along with the advanced lockbox processing platforms of CMS.

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CMS Services

  • Disaster Recovery / Continuation of Business
  • Installation Services
  • Workflow Consulting Services
  • Systems Migration and Integration Services
  • Upgrade Services
  • Setup Consulting
  • Training
  • Custom Development
  • Network

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Cash Management Solutions