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Why Cash
Management Solutions
and Image Remit

Cash Management Solutions and Image Remit has been providing powerful and innovative payment solutions for more than three decades. We deliver a wide selection of cost-effective payment solutions designed to fit our customers’ unique requirements. Our unparalleled experience is evident in our ability to deliver a wide selection of cost-effective Lockbox, Online, and Electronic solutions designed to fit each client’s unique needs.

There are many factors that differentiate
CMS-IR in the remittance processing industry.

The most important factors include:


CMS-IR is able to provide a competition free product and service.

Our business model is to supply payment processing solutions for banks and processors who in turn market this service to your corporate customers. With CMS-IR, your bank will not be in the situation where you are competing against your own supplier.

CMS-IR offers a boutique style class remittance processing solution.

Our payment processing solution is tailored for customers distinctive needs. We take the time to understand the unique culture of our customers specifications and requirements as they evolve. Each of our customers enjoy preferential treatment and most favored customer status.

CMS-IR provides powerful solutions.

CMS-IR software is utilized in some of the largest payment processing locations in the industry. These locations often require very large network configurations and ultra-sophisticated technologies as part of their standard processing center. The scalability of our solutions provides the very same features and functionality no matter what the size of the operation.

Industry Experience.

CMS-IR has a 35+ year track record of growth and success. This long-term, focused business has grown, prospered, and matured into an industry leading position in its market niche. We have developed a significant base of knowledge not only in remittance software development, technology, and workflow design but also in the “culture” of Lockbox, Online, and Electronic payment processing. This knowledge has enabled CMS-IR to “re-engineer” our products on a continuing basis to anticipate the needs of our customers and the marketplace.

Product Vision.

Our product vision is continuously evolving. We are devoted to increasing revenue opportunities for financial institutions and processors.

The CMS-IR product includes a B2B component focusing on Lockbox, EIPP, Web/EDI and electronic payments to provide a consolidated repository of data and images for delivery to your customers. The overriding principle of the CMS-IR solution set is to provide value-added products and services that contribute to revenue and profit goals of your organization.

In summary, what you can expect from CMS-IR is a payment processing solution provider who is positioned to be sensitive to unique needs of each customer; who is nimble enough to respond to requests; who possesses the technical know-how to get it done efficiently; and the experience to draw on for process improvements.

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