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The evolution of how people receive their bills and remit their payments has entered its latest phase that allows the option of all forms of electronic payments as well as the traditional check payments. Welcome to CMS1View, a vertical independent, cloud-based, feature rich payment product, providing next generation access to the entire client relationship in a concise, coherent interface. Regardless of how or where the payment is performed, CMS1View allows for various payment methods to consolidate and integrate the payment information into one interface.

Verticals Served


After 35+ years in the payment processing business, CMS-IR created a migration path for the next generation; how they receive their bills and how they make their payments. Today, communication and supported technologies have expanded at an ever-increasing rate. CMS-IR has been leading payment processing trends for decades. CMS-IR will continue to innovate Financial Institutions and Payment Processing Centers across the United States and Canada for decades to come.


To achieve the successful development of an advanced payment-processing framework; CMS-IR partners with industry leading technology companies.

As a member of the Microsoft Partners Network, CMS-IR is using the latest technology to create trailblazing software solutions.

OPEX, a CMS-IR Partner, provides industry-leading scanners designed to improve throughput while significantly reducing or eliminating labor-intensive document preparation.

CereSoft, CMS-IR’s Healthcare partner, integrates seamlessly with CMS1View. The CereSoft platform provides a complete revenue cycle transformation for your healthcare organization. CereSoft’s financial management system will reduce the hours required to process manual posting to billing systems, denial processing days, manual keying of transactions and time required in balancing.

A New Brand

CMS-IR's initial payment-processing framework requirements included a solution that would be easy to use, cloud based, feature rich, with data residing within a single database. With those requirements in mind the product team created CMS1View. The CMS1View brand name describes exactly what the solution is; the ability to view the entire relationship with your client.


To achieve the CMS1View concept for people to transact in the future, the design must begin with a strong technology foundation. The CMS1View foundation is built on three pillars: AI or Artificial intelligence, Business Rules and Workflow. In addition to these key foundational elements the requirements included the separation of Workflow from the Customer Interface from the Back-Office Automation Framework. Combined they needed the ability to accept, process, post, and deliver posting files within a single digital stream no matter how the payment is paid.

A Strong Communication Portal

Our communication portal is a customer facing payment service designed to create a one-on-one billing and payment service by customer instead of the traditional one size fits all. Fundamentally, our communications portal is designed upon two basic customer questions:

"How do you want your bill or invoice sent to you that you are the most comfortable with?"

"How do you want to pay your bill or invoice to us when the payment is due that you are the most comfortable with?"

Based upon how customers respond to those questions, our portal provides a one-on-one billing and payment model for each customer. Why design and implement the solution this way? By understanding how to drive cash and by understanding how to offer the customer a payment vehicle where they are most comfortable, the more likely they are to remit their payment in a timely manner. Additionally, it provides the promotion of the digital payment approach to help accelerate cash-flow.

Through CMS1View, the communications portal offers a unique interface supporting online, walk up, over the telephone, bank bill-pay, mobile payments, traditional paper, social media, and text messaging, all as gateways for payment and bills to be presented to the customer.

Payments for Today and the Future

With CMS1View, CMS-IR has created a payment solution that reaches across generations using innovative technologies and techniques to appeal to the ever-changing remittance requirements; no longer can you offer just one payment method. CMS1View consolidates all EDI, ACH, Online, Electronic Bill Payment, External files, and Mail-In Lockbox Check payments into one powerful payment interface.

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