Technology and Lockbox

Cash Management Solutions (CMS) has been providing powerful and innovative lockbox payment solutions to our clients for more than three decades. We deliver a wide selection of cost-effective payment solutions designed to fit our customers’ unique requirements. Our Image Remit (IR) division provides image-based outsourcing services for wholesale and retail lockbox, adjudication, batch processing, healthcare revenue cycle management, and other applications.

Image Remit and OPEX Technologies

To enhance image quality, improve quality of service for our customers, and increase efficiency in our internal operations, Image-Remit implemented an advanced imaging/opening solution; including high-volume scanners, mail extraction equipment, and CertainScan software from OPEX to replace the assortment of other time-consuming devices.

Requirements were simple;  we needed to migrate to the latest technology in order to meet the demands of our ever-growing document imaging operation and we needed to streamline the daily workflow management and improve our overall operations. We also required a single capture platform; moving operations away from the diverse hardware and software and the necessary expertise as before. The new solution also needed to be quickly and easily expandable as our business needs demand.

Because of the extremely high volume of documents received, the throughput rates for the new system needed to be at the highest possible levels to meet customer deadlines. The imaging solution would also need to be able to scan a variety of business and personal checks, money orders, check stubs, coupons, and invoices with barcode or optical character recognition data, EOBs, and correspondence.

The Combined Technology Solution

We selected OPEX as our image capture technology partner. We installed OPEX solutions that include both the Falcon series of document scanners and OPEX’s latest CertainScan software package. The deployment of our new solution was seamless with OPEX’s on-site support team ensuring that the implementation went smoothly. OPEX even suggested process improvements to provide the best imaging solution for our clients.

With the new equipment in place, our operations has been able to reduce mail preparation time and costs. Since all types of documents can be scanned on the same hardware; operational efficiency has been greatly improved. Images can now be viewed in real-time as they are scanned, reducing the number of re-scans due to document skewing, dog ears, folds, etc. thus significantly improving final image quality across the board.

A single Falcon unit replaced three large check transports. The savings from maintenance costs alone has already provided a return on investment for the Falcon. While the older scanners required two or three operators, a single operator can run the Falcon. That has drastically reduced labor costs and improved compliance. From our SOC 2 auditor’s point of view this has drastically reduced security risks as there is much less handling involved to get the work processed.


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