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Lockbox Pro™ is a full featured image based system specially designed to combine the unique requirements for Wholesale, Retail and Wholetail Lockbox payments into an easy-to-manage single application. The foundation of Lockbox Pro is  CMS’ traditional Wholesale Lockbox Solution. Added to the highly evolved Lockbox-Pro are the features and functionality found in our Retail Lockbox Solution. Lockbox Pro inherits our traditional user interfaces which consists of a combination of menu driven parameters, check boxes and data lists in the processing requirements for individual accounts in account setup.

With Lockbox Pro you can easily process each of the traditional lockbox payments type:

  • Wholesale Lockbox
  • Retail Lockbox
  • Wholetail Lockbox

Wholesale Lockbox

Lockbox-Plus™ is a full featured image based system specially designed for the unique nature of wholesale lockbox payments.

Lockbox-Plus™ integrates imaging invoices, envelopes and correspondence, on a multitude of transports, while maintaining the integrity of the entire transaction. Data Entry data is captured with CMS’s Innovative Single Click ICR recognition system, checks encoded or converted to X9.37 image files, and image and data deliverable via the Interactive AWeb-PRO™ Internet delivery system.

The challenge in designing a system is to make account setup easy, while still providing the ability for complex processing with the same interface. Lockbox-Plus™ is easy to use, features quick account setup, and does not require programming expertise to manage, maintain or operate.

CMS’s Lockbox-Plus™ solution uses a combination of menu driven parameters, check boxes and data lists in the processing requirements for individual accounts in account setup.

Retail Lockbox

CMS-Plus™, an image-based retail lockbox system, offers many of the same powerful features and services as our wholesale solution, with additional functionalities unique to retail lockbox.

Utilizing scan-able coupons, our retail lockbox application enables automated capture of receivables data. Automation is added with additional data validation and quality tools such as: stop payments, variance ranges, date criteria and positive acceptance files. Alphanumeric scan lines can be read and included within check digit routines.

Easily deposit to Multiple DDAs via values on the scan line without the need for manual presorts or expensive customized programming– an essential requirement for property management lockboxes.

Data transmission and customized reports are written by CMS’s integrated report writer and transmission generator. Summary or detail reports and transmissions are delivered via hardcopy or internet portal.

The CMS-Plus™ system has the ability to process retail remittances in an easy to use high-speed, efficient manner with all of the systemic edits necessary to ensure the highest possible quality. Best of all the CMS system does not require programming expertise to manage, maintain, or operate. CMS-Plus is used every day to meet the unique needs of each lockbox customer while maximizing your productivity and profitability.

Our wholesale lockbox system is designed to accommodate the most challenging customer needs, capturing and formatting data to provide dynamic, custom-designed output, cost effectively.

Wholetail Lockbox

 What’s your definition of Wholetail Lockbox?

Have a customer with scan-able remittance coupons, who also requires additional data entry field capture, such as remitter name? Receiving check and list transactions that require extensive data capture for multiple transactions? Wholesale payments with a scanline? Stop file needs on data entry fields? CMS’s wholetail system manages the most unique combination of payments easily and efficiently on the same hardware platform.

CMS wholetail lockbox capabilities provide the ability to allocate one payment into different investment funds, designate additional monies to newspaper tips or qualify how much should be applied to additional principal, escrow or late payments.

CMS’s system automates those lockbox accounts that never quite fit into the traditional wholesale/retail processing scenario.

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