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Delivered in conjunction with Image Remit™ Hosted Services

Local Footprint Lockbox is a cross between installed lockbox and hosted services. Local Footprint provides for localized (distributed) collection points for image capture with a centralized processing configuration. Local Footprint Lockbox provides the ability to leverage the IT infrastructure, the lockbox processing operations group at Image Remit™ along with the advanced lockbox processing platforms of CMS.

Receive and capture lockbox payments for your customers at your location and send the images to CMS’ Image Remit™. The images from those payments would be sent to CMS’s servers for the lockbox processing/ deposit functions. This would include data entry, balancing, deposits and creation and delivery of customer outputs. Limit the required IT infrastructure for a full lockbox system, yet maintain localized collection and quality controls.
With Local Footprint Lockbox your bank can cost effectively :

  • Add a new site
  • Add a new collection location
  • Configure for disaster recovery
  • Manage Overflow/ weekend processing

Image Remit® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cash Management Solutions, Inc. and operates utilizing the powerful platform solutions of CMS.

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