Non-Profit Organizations

The CMS1View Nonprofit vertical will provide the ability for your organization to quickly and efficiently process pledges and donations. The solution provides real-time deposit information on how your time critical donation dollars are received and deposited. Whether these payments are processed online, by mail, by check, or by cash or credit card; the CMS1View Nonprofit vertical will ensure your timely access to these funds.

The platform has been designed to process monies received from Annual Campaigns, Gift Processing, Pledges, and Fundraising Events to name a few. If your Pledges and Donors prefer online systems, ours has been designed for ‘Ease of Use’ for your Donors and Pledges. Anything to make the process quick and easy for your clients to help steer them your way and not to steer them away.


Integrated Receivables

The CMS1View Integrated Receivables vertical streamlines the processing of all payments types on a single system.  Automation of Payment Matching reduces AR costs by facilitating back office processes for posting to back office accounting systems.  Analytics and Outstanding AR reporting is available along with a “Collections” module to assist client notifications to enforce remittance of payment.


The CMS1View Healthcare vertical is optimized to accelerate cash flow and increase productivity.  It eliminates manual keying of Insurance and Patient Pay information and creates the posting files to the provider’s medical and accounting systems.  It automatically identifies un-applied cash, under payments and denials by type and allows a for an assisted manual reconciliation process.  There is also a correspondence capability that facilitates all types of communications between the provider and insurance company by automating letter content by type (Denial, Under Payment, etc.) and automatically provides associated files for attachment.  The platform also allows a single view of the entire payment history (837, 835 and Payment) on one screen.


Property Management

The CMS1View Property Management vertical not only provides the capability to process any type of payment, the tenant can also select how they would like to be billed (Paper, e-mail, text, etc.) and how they would like to pay (Check, ACH/Credit Card, Text Response, etc.).


The platform will validate the tenant information and ensure payment can be accepted regardless of the payment type.  A “Real Time” work desk is provided to complete Exception items.  A Document Management (Contracts, etc.) and Collections module with and automated “Nudge” (automated payment due/payment late) notification technology are also included in the Property Management capabilities.


Cash Management Solutions